Final Fantasy XIV – Mostly through Heavensward

  • I completed the first expansion (A Realm Reborn) on 5/4/2020. I was so happy to have finished the first of four expansions.
  • Heavensward is more weighty and focuses on the Bloody conflict between Ishgardians and Dragons. It’s been going on thousands of years, forefathers, founders, pillars of society, all that good jazz.

    One of the few points of levity later in ‘A Realm Reborn’ and in ‘Heavensward’ was the main characters’ interactions with each other and especially one of my favorite characters in the game so far Herchefant, but despite me being a white mage, scholar and having a Phoenix down, due to the plot, he must die.

    I did stop playing for awhile but picked it back up to finish the story and move to other expansions. Currently I’m still at the level 57-58 story missions but I’ve gotten my paladin to level 60. Likely to switch to Gunbreaker or Dancer.

    I’m glad I did pick the game back up and I’m enjoying it despite the loss, it’s similar to reading a book for 12 chapters and then one of your favorite supporting characters dies despite it being avoidable.

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