A new series featured on this blog: Memoirs of LTC

Some TV shows go inside hospitals, doctor offices, clinics and retirement homes, but never nursing homes.

Some questions I’ve heard over the years as a LTC (long term care) nurse?

What happens in a nursing home?

Who is in a nursing home?

Who works in a nursing home?

What conditions lead to a person being in a nursing home?

Are staff not caring for those residents?

Why does the staff call me all the time for my loved one?

Why do the staff never call me for my loved one?

Why can’t my loved one just go home? Why stay here or go somewhere else (ALF or group home)?

There are a plethora of more questions that people who have never known anyone in a nursing home or works in a nursing home ask. There are likely questions that people familiar with LTC may have as well.

I’ll address the above questions and more in a humorous way that sheds some light in an industry/staff and residents who have been forgotten and neglected until a pandemic hit them they were hated a vilified. The industry has issues that it does need to address, outside of COVID-19 that were there before 2019-2020. But it also has residents trying to get through the day, staff trying to do the same and lower/middle management trying to figure out how to straddle fences.

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