You wax girl? Cool, cool.

If you told me 5 years ago I’d be so super concerned about what happens to my face and what I put on it, I would have laughed, likely farted (I don’t poot. Adults fart people) and went back to watching more Cowboy Bebop. (If you’ve never experienced the 1990’s anime perfection, I recommend you watch it any enjoy the music, story and action packed title – no matter if you watch it in Subs or Dubs).

I’ve also learned the last few years that it is important that I wax my face. I have tried to wax it myself. It’s hard to wax when your vision is so poor all you see if blobs or color without glasses. Plus I need to do my whole face. It makes my have look better and doesn’t highlight my scars as much. It honestly just feel better and I don’t have little hairs rubbing on my mask, no matter if it’s my surgical or N95 or my going to get gas cloth one.

I do enjoy touching my smooth skin (even though you’re not really supposed to touch your face).

My face looks lighter and I enjoy my thick eyebrows. They grow thick naturally so I usually just need them shaped.

I’m thinking I may wax other parts of my body too. Maybe underarms, I don’t mind shaving my legs, that’s easy. Weirdly my underarm hair will look like hair plugs if I don’t have it often enough and you have to pick all that hair our of the drain even if I break up the shaving 🪒 process.

The kind young lady who waxed my face today asked me how often I wax a certain part of my body and I appreciate her for not only good customer service but also assuming I wax that area like someone might see it. That was the best part of the day! 😎

For now, I think I’ll wax my face and consider the underarms, but other parts of my body I’ll leave alone for now. I was waxed at European Wax Center today after getting my hair done. I plan on going back.

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