The K-Beauty Journey

I first started using K-Beauty products in May of this year (2020). The skin journey started with Peach and Lilly, a gentle K-beauty brand that introduced me to essences. I then dabbled with Rosen Skincare and Fenty beauty – both were good but not for me and my skin. In particular I loved the Fenty cleanser for it’s tropical scent and the Fat water toner. My skin is super oily most of the time and in the colder months combination. It get’s dry pretty easily and especially around my mouth from wearing my mask for 8-12+ hours a day.

I experimented with Krave beauty which is a clean minimalist K-beauty brand which has a core series and a supplemental series. I love the matcha hemp cleanser as it’s hydrating and leaves your skin clean. I also liked the spf (Beet Shield) as well but the AHA toner was very strong (does it’s job as a chemical exfoliant but strong) and the serum plus the moisturizer still wasn’t hydrating enough for my face this November. Overall, not my cup of tea.

Krave Beauty – (from left) Oat so simple moisturizer, The Great Barrier Relief serum and Kale-Lala-yaAHA toner. Not quite for me. My skin was still too dry and too sensitive. It’s likely better for people with normal skin maybe that don’t need too much moisture.
Krave Beauty – (from left) Matcha Hemp Hydrating Cleanser (so hydrating and clean not tight), Beet Shield and Kale-lalu-yAHA toner

I went back to my Peach & Lilly brand for more hydration for my skin and now they had a toner and moisturizer dedicated to blemishes and dark spots. Link to that blog post:

I’m finishing up my Krave cleanser which is similar to the Peach and Lilly cleanser, just greener and an earthy fragrance instead of smooth pale yellow and smelling in Camilla flowers (not strong but the scent is there). This and the SPF (The Beet Shield) are the two products I’m most likely to repurchase from Krave Beauty.

Overall, my skin has had a large improvement in hydration and not being flaky around my mouth since I went back to K beauty products. I have been using a Philosophy white clay mask and a vitamin C serum by Hyper Skin which will be a separate blog post, but my skin is doing well overall.

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