Peach Slices with snails 🐌

I’m back into K-beauty after I tried to make up my own skincare regimen and failed horribly (using retinol incorrectly). I decided to go back with a brand I had used previously called Peach & Lilly. I looked on their website and saw that in their Peach Slices section (brightly colored, glittery, cute products) they had new snail mucin products that promised to help deal with blemishes, dark spots, enlarged pores and help with oil. All of my current and long standing skin issues.

From left: all in one moisturizer, toner, wash off mask. All in matching green packaging and all snail.

I started using the snail line along with my Peach and Lilly brand cleanser (a very gentle and hydrating cleanser – has a light scent of camellias) and the Peach and Lilly serum.

The moisturizer is white, doesn’t have a scent is is very light, almost like a thick serum. The toner is similar to the Fat Water from Fenty in that you don’t need a cotton pad, you can put it on your hands and pat it into your skin. The mask is a clear jelly that is very sticky and moisturizing but so sticky…and feels like you have jello on your face.

My skin on October 13th 2020 after I had been using retinol and had a very bad reaction after I had gotten waxed.

I think overall the snail line works well. It kept my shin hydrated and decrease the number of blemishes I had. I didn’t see much change with my hyperpigmentation though. As the weather has changed and it has gotten more dry and colder, it doesn’t keep my skin as hydrated as it once did.

Taken November 3rd 2020. Overall my skin looks healthier with one blemish trying to start on my left cheek (it does turn into 2 pimples that I have currently). I have a small dry spot on the left side of my mouth though.

The peach slices snail line didn’t do much as far as my dark spots but it may have needed longer. It did brighten my face and hydrate it well. I think it’s better for spring and summer months.

For colder months, you’ll need something heavier. During the fall and winter use a follow-up moisturizer or night mask in addition to the snail products. Though they didn’t help with my dark spots, they have helped to rid me of stubborn acne that I’ve had off and on for years. It’s affordable and cute. The toner is $13.99, the moisturizer is $16.99 and the jelly mask is $16.99.

Links to where you can buy the products: and

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