Krave Beauty: The Beet Shield

Sunscreen is essential for everyone! Especially if you’re using any products that are either physical or chemical exfoliant. In my case, I’m using retinol and then some facial cleansers with some grit to it once or twice a week, and facial masks as well.

I’m doing a lot to my skin. Mainly to keep acne at bay and get rid of my hyperpigmentation. So I need spf. But I am oily on good days, so with most sunscreens, I look pasty (white cast), greasy (super oily) or both. But my face is protected! So I figured this is where I’m gonna be because I don’t want my dark marks to get any darker.

Enter Krave Beauty’s The Beet Shield. I was googling sunscreens that were more than 30 spf (due to retinol use) but wouldn’t also make a white cast on my face. They were listed on Allure magazines list for sunscreens without white cast.

Krave Beauty is a K-Beauty company started in 2017 by Liah Yoo. It has a basic line of products plus a serum and AHA toner. They have simple designs and their prices put them in the mid-range. Not super cheap but not overpriced.

Me wearing “The Beet Shield” sumscreen

The Beet Shield is spf 50 but it’s odd that it doesn’t say that on neither the bottle nor the website. I only know from googling that too. It’s lightweight so it won’t feel heavy as you layer it over your moisturizer, it is pretty thin so I recommend not using it as just your moisturizer. I had no white cast. Now since I’ve have oily skin since puberty, I personally have trouble telling the difference between dewy and oily. The latter I can feel on my skin, it feels sticky. However this sunscreen is light and makes me have a dewy look I think. At the very least, I don’t think I’m greasy.

I would encourage those who need a sunscreen without a white case and want to look dewy to try it out. The only drawbacks I see are that you can’t readily tell the spf and that I was expecting a bigger bottle for $20 but it’s the best sunscreen I’ve found so far so I don’t mind. I included a link to their website so readers can check out the sunscreen and their other products if you like.

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