Mario Badescu’s Special Mask for Oily Skin Review

I bought the mask a couple weekends ago when I went to Ulta to get my hair done. I decided to try it because I have very oily skin which leads to acne breakouts.

The first use of the mask I liked how tight it felt when it was drying and my skin didn’t feel bone dry afterward. I considered it a success because over the new few days I had less oil.

What I didn’t realize is that it had dried my skin out so much that I noticed dry patches on my cheeks near the edges of my face. I’ve never really had dry patches unless it’s December or January and I haven’t switched over to a thicker moisturizer.

I decided to give the mask one more shot last night. Same face tightening and less oil. No dry patches this time, (I moistures and gently exfoliated the others away) but I for have some fresh pink blemishes at the edges of my cheeks where the dry patches once were.

I was really hoping to use this mask for my oily skin, but my skin is not fond of it. It may work for someone else with oily skin as it is a Koalin clay mask but not for me. I’ll be using my other masks.

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