A 2020 Update for who A Black Female Nerd is

I’m 31. No kids or boyfriend. Family isn’t as worried, they believe that I won’t have kids. I invest in Marvel movies (t-shirts, leggings and funkos) and trying to find skincare for my acne scars while attempting to figure out a way to lose weight (size 3x or 4x if bloated). I’m also getting back into anime and have gotten some anime swag along with a cute moogle notebook. Shoutout to my Final Fantasy fans! I spend a good amount of time playing video games to unwind from work. I’ve slowed down a bit with my recent change in job and play to devote more time to earning my BSN, my blog and podcast.

To be honest, I’ve just gotten in a good groove with spending time with friends, buying different masks to venture out in a world with COVID and maintaining some level of sanity….or have I?

I am a Black Female Nerd. I have learned to be proud of that, especially since it’s cool now. I grew up a decade or two ago when it was not and have been working on my self-image since. I think it’s pretty good.

I look forward to earning your trust and comments about my work and hope for your support moving forward.

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