Different types of writing

A drabble is exactly 100 words in length. It explores if a writer is able to express an idea succinctly.

A short story is less than 7,500 words.

A novella is greater than 7,500 words but less than 40,000 words.

A novel is over 40,000 words.

Something else I learned today: 500 words is about 1 page single spaced and 2 pages double spaced.

I’m pretty used to writing novellas I believe. I’m going to try and write drabbles to see if I can get a small idea together.

One thought on “Different types of writing

  1. Thanks for that. Really interesting. I’d never heard of a Drabble – apart from Margaret – although I’ve written quite a few very short pieces in response to writing prompts.
    I look forward to reading your drabbles.

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