Judgement peppered by The Bard

Thou shalt be judged on your sex

Thou shalt be judged on your width

Thou shalt be judged on melanin or lack there of

Thou shalt be judged on words and language

Thou shalt be judged on actions and perceived inaction

Thou shalt be judged for singleness and perceived unwant

Doth thou think too highly of oneself?

Where is thine time spent?

Does thine opinion run low of thine self?

What values does thou hold close to thine heart?

Should thy consumers of thine words believe thou wise for channelling The Bard?

The World will judge thee unjustly and swiftly.

How does thou view thine self? It it just and true to the vision of reality?

What is thy reality?

One thought on “Judgement peppered by The Bard

  1. Well said.
    Think The Bard would approve, although he could be pretty hypocritical and discriminatory.
    He also said stuff like it is.
    Thank you for sharing heartfelt sentiments.

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